Course image Operations Research - MN 459 (2024)
Mining Engineering

This course, Operations research is concerned with optimal decision making in, and modelling of, deterministic and probabilistic systems that originate from real life. These applications that occur in government, business, engineering, economics, and natural science and social science, are characterised largely by the need to allocate limited resources.

Course image Mine Planning and Design-2024
Mining Engineering

You are all warmly welcome to part-take in he Mine Planning and Design course.

It will be of a great benefit to you in future if you take the course serious.

Course image Communication Skills II (MN 158)
Mining Engineering

The course is covered through lectures, class discussions and individual as well as group-based learning tasks and presentations.  The tutorials which will be used to reinforce these, will count as part of each lecture.  This is to enable each student to apply and demonstrate the skill(s) he or she has acquired or developed.  The student is expected to read the lecture notes and any supplementary material(s) before attending lectures so that he or she can learn better by actively participating and meaningfully contributing to class discussions.  As a student, you will benefit immensely from the course and appreciate it.

Course image Underground Mining Systems
Mining Engineering

You are welcome to the MN 372 course for the year 2023. This course is to help you gain an in-depth practical knowledge to help you in your future career. Take the course serious to have a good outcome.

Mining Engineering

This course will equip students with knowledge in making holes in rock for the purposes of blasting, drainage and other services. It will also enable the student to select types of explosives for any given project. The student will be able to illustrate safe handling and use of commercial explosives as well as conduct analyses regarding blasting issues in the mining and allied industries as a Mining Engineer.

Course image Mine Planning and Design
Mining Engineering

You are welcome to the Underground Mine Planning and Design Course.

Take the course serious and build a career for yourself.

Course image Mineral Project Evaluation
Mining Engineering

The purposes of the mineral project evaluation are to assess necessary amount and source of capital investment, determine the economic appeal of a mineral project, estimate the value of the assets, select the most viable from investment options, sell a property; and/or,  obtain loans from a bank etc. The objectives of this course are to Introduce the student to time value of money and its implications on cost of capital and investment decision criteria, Expose the student to the various methods of estimating revenues, costs, taxes and allowances associated with mineral projects, and  equip the student with economic evaluation techniques to make sound investment decision.

Mining Engineering


General information about machines used in the Mining industry, ranging from mobile to stationary machinery and ending with maintenance.