Course image Basic French II - GL 134 (2022)
Geological Engineering

This course is designed to meet the French language needs of our future engineering professionals who have the prospects of working with international organisations, both locally and internationally. The course is, therefore, to help these future professionals to be able to develop basic communicative competencies both orally and in writing, in scientific, technological and general French, to be able to interact with their French speaking colleagues in real communication situations. The course is also designed to create and sustain the interest of engineering students in the French language for further development after their programmes of study, for academic and specific purposes.

Basic communicative concepts of the French language and culture introduced to students in the first semester, will be enhanced and built upon in this second semester.


"Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things."
Flora Lewis

Course image Environmental Geology
Geological Engineering

In this course, students would be taught Introduction to Environmental Geology, Earthquake & Volcanic Hazards, Hazards Associated with Streams, Flooding & Dams, Hazards Associated with Landslides, Debris Flow & Unstable Soils, Water Resources & Water Pollution, Soil Resources & Soil Pollution, Non-fuel Mineral Resources and the Environment, Energy (Garbage) Diposal & Environmental Health and Laws, Regional & Urban Planning, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIAs), and Medical Geology.