Course image Principles of Management - Priscilla
Management Studies

Principles of Management will help students to understand the meaning of management, the functions of management, evolution of management and the various schools of thought, goals and objectives of management, decision making in an organisation, leadership styles and theories, power, motivation and communication in an organisation

Course image Law of Tort and Contract
Management Studies

In our everyday dealings, especially in corporate settings, our trades and/or organizations' activities, and us (either employees or managers), either become the subject or object of bad actions. This course, Law of Contract and Tort will expose students to understanding of legal frameworks that governs our enterprise and personal dealings in two distinctive ways: Law of Contract and Law of Tort, which are both considered part of the civil law. Whiles Contract Law imposes duties on parties who enter into a contractual relationship, Tort Law focuses on duties on acceptable and responsible behavior of the members of a community.

The following contents will be covered during the semester:


1.       Contract-nature, types, formation,

2.       Essential requirements- offer and acceptance, consideration, legal intention to bind, legal capacity

3.       Terms-express, implied, construction, exemption clauses

4.       Vitiating Factors –Mistake, Misrepresentation, Duress/Undue influence

5.       Discharge

6.       Breaches-remedies, penalties, damages, specific performance


1.       Nature of Tort Law

2.       Trespass to Persons and Property

3.       Trespass to land,

4.       Vicarious liability,

5.       Volenti non fit injuria

6.       Nuisance

7.       Negligence

8.       Factors for Acts and Omissions Below Standards of the Reasonable Man

Course image Corporate Social Responsibility Ms. Zelda 2022
Management Studies

At the end of the course, the student is expected to:
• Understand the historical perspectives of CSR and its benefits to stakeholders and
• Articulate the theories of CSR;
• Understand the concepts of ethics and governance as applied to CSR;
• Implement CSR activities and review existing ones incorporate organisations;
• Understand strategic management as an organisational tool for CSR decision making;
• Evaluate forms of business organisations; and
• Understand CSR trends in the extractive industry